People foster for many reasons.  Some simply have the room, and want to help an animal in need.  Some don't think they are emotionally ready for the permanent commitment of a new pet after the recent loss of a beloved animal, but are still lonely for the company that a furry friend can provide.  Some people aren't financially ready for a permanent addition to their family, but have plenty of love and time to offer along with a loving, temporary home while the expenses are being covered by the rescue.  Whatever your reasons, the dogs at our facility would be thrilled to hear you are considering being a foster family!

NMAR does things a little differently than a lot of animal rescues.  We support our dogs financially while they are in foster care

.  We supply food and supplies, cover any vet costs that come up, and take care of things like heartworm

preventative medicine

.  Although we are always struggling to balance the budget, we cannot tell you how much it means to us that some of our dogs get a chance to stay in a home environment while they await a Forever Family!  As much love and care as we provide here at the rescue, it pales in comparison to life in a home, as opposed to a pen.  The way we see it, foster families are giving back far more than the financial support we provide....the foster folks give love, attention, socialization, and warm and safe home 24/7.  How could we NOT be thrilled??

Unfortunately, most people do not realize that fostering is even an option, which means we are VERY short on foster families.  If you think you may be able to take in one of the dogs from our facility, please fill out an adoption application and tell us all about you and your home and your family.  Tell us if there is a specific dog on our website that catches your heart.  We work very hard to help match foster families (and of course

adoptive families

) with dogs that support their time, space, experience, and energy level.  Fostering can be short term, or as long as it takes to place a dog with his Forever Family.  It can be a one-time thing, or can happen over and over again.  It all depends on what you are willing and able to do.  We appreciate it all!