For all of you teachers, or friends of teachers, or relatives of teachers, here is an idea just for YOU!

In November of 2009, we launched what we consider to be a REALLY fun way to benefit NMAR, as well as

elementary school kids.  If you know of a school with a supportive school administrative staff, and a few motivated teachers, we'd love for you to consider implementing Gunny's Pennies For Puppies at that location.  GPFP is a wonderful way to motivate students from all grade levels to participate in reading, writing, math and social studies activities.  Teachers reported a significant increase in positive behavior, and work completion. 

In schools, "Pennies For___" is universally known as a fundraising method where kids bring in extra "change" for a cause, though of course bills and checks count too!  Classrooms "compete" to see who can raise the most money as a class in a given period of time.  Something special is awarded to the "winning" class. 

Gunnytook it a step further and helped  the teachers incorporate him/the rescue/compassion into the curriculum in various subject areas to motivate the kids. 

We have compiled a GPFP packet, complete with all the information you could ever possibly need to give this a go at your school.  This should help to make the process a lot easier on those in charge.  GPFP has proven to be fun and exciting, but does require  commitment and a lot of enthusiasm from the Lead Staff Member in order to achieve the highest degree of success.  At our pilot school, Gunny's involvement earned the school so much attention within their district that they were recogni

zed by their PR department both in print and in video.  Please see the links below.

If you would like to implement GPFP at your school, please email us and we will happily mail you the GPFP packet.

Gunny's Pennies For Puppies News:

January, 2010: Our pilot school, Lebanon Road Elementary of Mint Hill, N.C., did an amazing job and raised $1,312.13 for NMAR!!!!  What a great way to kick off the New Year, and to start GPFP!  Thank you Lebanon Leopards!!!