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My Video!

3-4-08 Hello, my name is Annie, and if there were a competition for sweetest,
most snuggly dog EVER, I think I would have a VERY good shot at the
"Title"! I think that is because I am so happy to be somewhere that I am
safe and well cared for. You see, like a lot of the dogs here at the
rescue with me, I had a rough start. I wasn't able to share all the
details, since I don't speak Human, but the rescuers know that I was found
underweight and running down a busy road, dragging a knotted, dirty
rope behind me. When I went to the vet for my checkup, they found I was
heartworm positive, which means that the people who "cared for me" (and
the human typing this for me uses that term loosely) obviously didn't
do anything to keep me safe from heartworm. Maybe giving a pill one
time per month was just more than their brain could handle? The people
at the rescue have been getting me my heartworm treatment and I have been
tolerating the treatment very well and still feeling very snuggly and

A girl can't be too specific about her age, so all I'll say is that I
am "about" 2 or 3 years old. I don't remember my parents, but the
humans at the rescue say that one was probably a Boxer and the other was
probably a Pitbull mix. I don't really like to talk about my weight (what
girl does??!!) but to give you an idea if I would fit in your home/car, I
am about 45 pounds. I love-love-love people, but I'm not a girl who wants to share a home with another dog.  When managed by a knowledgeable human, I tolerate being around other dogs on leash, but overall, I really don't have any desire to make doggi friends.  I  prefer the idea of a home where I could be the Princess and the center of the human attention.  I also LOVE riding in the car, so if anyone is looking for
company on a Road Trip, I'm your gal! Maybe we could hit the beach this
Summer? Don't think I have ever been to the beach...

UPDATE: Annie FINALLY had the chance to go into a foster home, where she was THRILLED to be surrounded by 2 adults and 2 teeny kiddoes.  Just as we expected, she did a fantastic job with the kids---she just LOVES little folks.  Unfortunately, the smallest human had a hard time with allergies, and Miss Annie had to come back to the rescue.  You can imagine that her pervious misery of living in the pen is now 100x worse...she's had a taste of the good life, making it even more unbearable to live in a run.  This poor gal just can't seem to catch a break, and it is tearing all of the NMAR humans up.  We are trying everything we know to get her out and about, but have had no luck in finding the right, knowledgeable, experienced and dog-free home.  Please help spread the word about this love bug.  Her heart just keeps breaking and breaking.

Annie is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all of her shots. The
rescue is managing her heartworm treatment and will continue to do so
if she has not completed her treatment when she is adopted. If you are
interested in Annie or any of our dogs or puppies, please visit
to fill out an application. If you are
unable to adopt at this time but would still like to help the dogs,
please visit our site and see the "ways you can help" page. Thanks for
your interest in our "gang".