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SASSY, OH SASSY. This gal gets the award for NMAR's longest resident. She has been with us even before we moved to Harrisburg, an amazing 6 yrs ago. She's also the most adopted out and most returned dog. Her first owner was an elderly gentleman that just couldn't keep up w/ Sassy's spunk. Her own smarts and creativity got her "booted" from her next home. She is the most brilliant escape artists ever and could climb their fence and escape from almost any crate. Her last home, loved her, but was a dog sitter and Miss Sassy just doesn't love every dog she meets.

Her 2nd year with us there was a terrible storm that brought a huge tree down on her pen. It was a miracle she wasn't killed and smart girl that she is, she knows it. She developed a storm anxiety after that and if not in a safe place when a storm comes through she will injure herself trying to get away. Who can blame her after her experience. Volunteers love her and we all worked together to build Sassy a special "fortress" that she can't get hurt in or jump out of. She lives as a foster at Beth's and is brought inside when it storms. Even at 7 she is full of life, and very very funny. She's one of my all time favorites dogs. If you can sponsor Sassy please complete our

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