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Anna, otherwise known as "Anna banana" is the sweet heart of the rescue. She also has been with us since being a pup. She was found by a gentleman running in his neighborhood. After much coaxing he got her and brought her to us. Already a "teenager" and having never been handled she was afraid of people. Her shyness kept her from getting adopted and she kept getting older and older. Since she loves other dogs she was always in with someone and time and time again her "roomie" would leave to go to a loving home while sweet Anna stayed behind.

As she got older we started to notice that she sometimes ran funny or walked with a limp. A trip to our vet confirmed our worst fears... Anna had hip dysplasia and a double dose of it. Our vet said her hips were terrible and probably caused at least in part from lack of nutrition as a young pup. They told us to take her home, keep her comfy and prepare to have to put her to sleep at an early age. Though there is no way to know what pain a dog may feel, Anna has always shown such spirit and seems so happy and full of life that 2 yrs later she is still with us. She maintains well and only occasionally has bouts of limping. She loves loves loves the other doggies and will be any pups friend. She has also come out of her shell tremendously with people. While still shy, if given a few minutes she will come to investigate and make buddies. She is such a love and we would like to offer her comfort and happiness as long as her health allows.

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