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Name: Chloë

Sex: Female

Breed: Small Boxer mix (we don't know what she is mixed with)

Spayed/Neutered: Spayed

Age: over 1 year

Health status: Healthy

Heartworm: Negative

House trained: Almost

Crate trained: Yes

Kids: Kids ok but I prefer older kids and kids must be respectful of dogs

Cats: Ok

Dogs: She loves other dogs but can play rough. She also likes to sleep with other dogs. She looks to other dogs for what is appropriate too. You must have dog and people friendly dogs or she will learn innappropriate behaviors.

Fence: You either have to have a fenced yard or access to a fenced area daily. She has a lot of energy and must have a safe place where she can play and get exerices off leash every day, multiple times a day. No

electric fences


Ideal home: I came from a home that ignored me as a puppy so as a consequence I was not very trusting of people. We still need to work on my socialization but I have come a long way. But it will probably take me at least a few days, if not weeks to really build a relationship with you. The way to do that is to let things move at my pace and not force your attention and affection on me. My ideal home is with an experienced dog savvy person who believes in 100% humane and preferrably force free training methods. I know my manners but they need to be reinforced daily. I'd like another dog to play with but if you don't have another dog, we will need you to not be a workaholic. But you will need to keep up with my socialization. I am really smart too so I need mental stimulation. I have a lot of energy and love to play ball so you must someone who loves to play ball too. For more about me, go to . My ideal home is with an experienced dog savvy person who believes in 100% humane and force free training methods. No choke chains, no prongs and no forcing things on me.