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Update Tuesday
The dye test showed a very bad left kidney, showed  the ureter from the left
kidney vented into the vagina. The ectopic ureter is congenital, the kidney was
more than likely damaged from infection caused by the ureter. Which as the left
kidneys function slowed down, caused less leakage. Signs they expected but did not see was urine burn/scald of skin, smelling like urine, constant dripping.
Her right kidney looked good.
They are removing her left kidney today and the ureter. She is also getting
spayed. She should be able to come home long as she is doing
fine. She will have to be inside for recovery and kept calm. I came on home,
could not afford to stay, wish I had stayed, the rain was the worst I have ever
driven in and I grew up in Florida!!!  I got to spend some time with her this
morning before I left.
Rachael (vet intern) has posted a sign saying Skyla is up for adoption. All the
staff in the hospital has visited with her and loved on her. So she is getting a
lot of attention. The Radiologist is smitten, decided the dye test would be
classified as a teaching ??lesson??, so she would not have to charge us!!! 
Apparently they can control the costs some. Yea, also discounted the ultrasound.
She would like to adopt Skyla but has a very unruly female basset hound.
Update Tuesday Evening
Just heard from Dr Geyer. She said Skyla did great, is starting to wake up now.
She told me some stuff they found about the kidney and ureter, and how they removed them.... but not sure I understood all that part. Gee they have pictures for me!! :))) Feel prognosis is very good. She will be monitored  in ICU all night.
Update Wednesday Morning
Just got an update on Skyla. She is doing well, stayed in ICU on morphine last nite. She has been switched to Tramadol now for pain, and on the regular ward. She went potty just fine this morning and got to eat some breakfast. She is getting lavished with attention from all of the staff and students. She is much loved by them :) 
She has a very long incision on her belly from her rib cage to her pubis area, with staples. The ureter actually came out of her kidney, attached to the outside of her bladder, then went down to her vagina. The head of surgery had never seen anything like it. So it was a great teaching tool for them. From begining to end things did not fit ectopic ureter signs they should have been seeing.  They document all of this. Her kidney has been sent to pathology, another teaching part of the hospital. They are also monitoring blood tests for how her good kidney is handling it. She also was spayed.
She has to be inside for the recovery. 10 days til the staples come out. Regular vet will remove them. She has to wear a cone collar to keep her from licking or chewing on her staples. She will be on Tramadol for a few days when coming home...I have some left over from Tia.

Update Friday Morning
Skyla did well last night. She slept on the ride home with Beth. Her spirits are very good. She is still on Tramadol and will be for a few more days. Her incision is very long. Looks like it is healing nicely. She is still wearing a cone to keep her from licking the incision.  We have to try and keep her calm and not let her jump up.
Little Skyla went outside to go pee-pee.  Not very exciting?  Well, this was the first time in her LIFE that her bladder filled up, she held it, then went outside, went pee, and emptied 100%.  In her whole LIFE people!!!  woo-hoo!  So, yes, we are on Cloud Nine!!!!!!  Until now she was a little dribbler, constantly leaking, always in pain with a urinary tract infection.  Her bladder never got full, it just couldn't.  She was in pain but never let on.  The NMAR crew is CELEBRATING pee-pee outside....hey, if parents can go nuts over "pee-pee in the potty" we can have our moment, right??

She continues to do well with her recouperating.  One of our volunteers has taken to (lovingly) calling her Little Frankenpup due to the insane incision that she has from stem to stern.  It is healing well, she is tolerating her restricted activity and her annoying E-collar.  She is quite the little trooper.
Update Sunday Morning
So much for the E-collar!  She got it off at some point and had a great time with it!  Soooo we found another one, a little different, hopefully it will be a little sturdier!
Update Monday
Skyla has gone to Tracy Pratt-Dixons house for the week.  They had a very good first night. She will get her staples out on Friday
Update Wednesday
All is well with Ms. Skyla. The staples that were torn were already healed well and she did fine today. Her urination seems to be getting better daily and she has had fewer accidents in the house. I really think that she is feeling good because she is a maniac. She wants to play so bad. I try to give her a little out of crate time and she scares me to death with her jumping and lunging. She makes us laugh so hard. I cannot wait for the staples to come out so I can see her in action. She is precious.


Wednesday April 22
..Skyla is doing great. She seems to be adapting to our routine well. Her incision looks good and her flow is good. She is still having a lot of little potty breaks, but that is improving. She is eating, drinking, and wanting to play. She takes her meds like a champ and especially loves that it is wrapped in cheese. The countdown to staple removal is on.

April 27, Monday
Skyla had a good weekend. She is going to the restroom more normally each day. She is playing well with everyone. She takes correction very well.  
Thursday April 30
Skyla went on her first official walk today. It was short, but she did well and allowed people to pet her.
Saturday May 2
We have now raised the money to cover Skylas surgery, with lots of help from Emmy, Tracy and Amy. Thanks to all for Chipping in!
We will be setting up making monthly payments til we can pay it off. Estimate is down to $1800 with much thanks to doctors.