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Photos by Doc Brunk

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The World's Easiest Dog Needs A Home

Meet Laney, a soft and fluffy stuffed-animal-come-to-life.  This is her second go-round here at NMAR, having left us originally as a teeny, tiny puppy.  She was returned to us recently, at about 10 months of age, with reports that she was "nipping" at the (active) children in the home.  We are telling you this info in the interest of "full disclosure" but we sit here and scratch our heads about this, as she has NEVER done anything other than be sweet, submissive and adorable with us.  Laney gets on great with all the other dogs she has met, even when THEY get grumpy and growl/snap at her...she just wags her tail and licks their face, totally oblivious to the fact hat she should be mad or offended.  Laney sits or stands quietly whenever the rescue's cat Thomas wanders by.  She is house-trained, crate- trained, and walks easily on a leash. 

Nothing seems to upset her, except the fact that she lives in a run and not in a home. Poor Laney tries desperately to get into any house she comes near, seemingly missing the inside life she enjoyed before being returned to us.  She also tries to jump into open cars....maybe she figures she can sneak into a home that way?

The only *mini* issue we have noticed is some occasional grumpy behavior towards other dogs when it comes to dinner---a little growling and grumbling at the dog.  Again, this falls in the "full disclosure" category, as it is so minor, common with rescue dogs, and super easy to fix.  Laney plays with other dogs with toys laying all around, and she has NOT shown any guarding or possessive behavior about the toys. 

Basically, living with Laney would be a cake-walk.  She'd be a super easy first dog or a fun dog for someone with dog "skills".  She'd go play and run with an active person, or she'd hang out on the couch and watch Regis and Kelly in the morning with a retired couple before they head out to run errands.  Laney would also be a fantastic first attempt at fostering, should you want to try your hand at that role.

Laney is spayed, micro-chipped, up to date on shots, heartworm negative and on preventative medicine to insure that this remains the case. 

If you are interested in getting Laney out of a kennel and onto a couch, please visit and fill out an application.