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Blue is a very special boy who is very near and dear to all of our hearts!  He is an excellent snuggler!!!

Meet Blue.  We tried to have him tell his own story, but God bless him, he has had so much going on in his short life that it just got him all befuddled.  It was easier for us to try to sift through all the facts and order the storyline.

Blue was born in a foster home after we saved his very pregnant mama from death.  The foster family brought al of the puppies to the rescue to be adopted when they were old enough, but couldn't part with Blue.  He stayed with them until he was about 6 months old, when they had to relocate to Costa Rica. Unfortunately, they discovered that the potential airlines would not fly Blue due to his size and his breed. 


, they turned him over to us to find him a new home.

We succeeded, and off Blue went to a family.  This time, it was discovered that Blue REALLY doesn't like cats.  Thankfully the family kitty was fast and a good climber, and up a tree he went.  No cats were harmed during that scene, thank goodness!

Back at the rescue, we set about promoting Blue for adoption into a cat-free home, when we learned something else about our boy.  He has a very sensitive tummy.  VERY SENSITIVE.  We almost lost him a few times, and decided we did not want to put that responsibility on an adoptive home  We assumed Blue would always be high maintenance, and that he would be forced to stay at the rescue with one of the founders. 

Thankfully, we now see that if the right home and situation came along, we think Blue could pull it off.  He hasn't had any

tummy trouble

for a long time (please god, touch wood).  He eats special food, that honestly isn't any more expensive than regular

quality dog food

.  You do have to be careful of what you leave lying around, as he likes to get into things.  He needs to be crated when you aren't around to monitor his "exploration".  If he does eats inedible stuff, that tummy trouble will surely decide to reappear. 


are Blue's friend.

Blue is a very athletic boy, and has yet to meet a fence he cannot climb.  So, add that to his list of special needs---supervised play time.  Blue is picky about the company he keeps.  He can get along with submissive female dogs, but cannot live with small dogs or cats.  We don't think he should live with small children---he's never done anything wrong, but we just see him as an adult's dog.  Plus, the antics and noise of small kids might stress him out and trigger tummy trouble.  Are you starting to sense that Blue is our Very Special Boy?

So, why should you even CONSIDER going down this road, you ask?  Well, because Blue is a doll.  He is an absolute, over-grown, lap dog.  If you're strong enough, you can carry him around like a baby, for hours on end.  If you let him, he'll lay belly-up in your lap til the cows come home.  Should you have the desire to pet a dog from

dusk til dawn

, he's your man.  He's goofy and funny and entertaining as can be.

At this point, we're hoping for a long-term foster situation (with us paying the bills), but should an adoptive home come along, we'd be VERY pleasantly surprised and VERY willing to go down that road.  To be honest, we are SO excited that Blue might be able to leave our facility to be doted on and get his fair share of snuggling and loving, we can't even stand it.

Did we mention that Blue's mom is famous? Ok, not really, but she was our superstar,

pit bull

ambassador til she found her wonderful home. People used to come by just to visit with her because she was so awesome. And of the 8 pups, Blue was the only one that had his mom, Lulu

s beautiful coloring and the most striking, half blue eye. Hence his name..

Blue is up to date on all his medical care, neutered, micro chipped and on heartworm

preventative medicine