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Gabe appeared in our rescue's driveway, scrawny, scared, carrying only trust that we would help him to a better life. With the work of some good nutrition, our wonderful cadre of volunteer trainers, and most of all, Gabe's own determined spirit, we have traveled the long road from malnourished and frightened to the changed boy he is today. 

Gabe is one of the best trained dogs we've ever seen. He is quick to respond to commands and eager to listen to his human leader. Handsome and healthy, he is happy and confident when people come to see him. He recently participated in a Cancer Walk attended by people and dogs of all types and sizes, and outshone the yappy ones by far, acting as a perfect gentleman. 

You may have noticed that Gabe is a pit bull. It is difficult sometimes to find a person who will give a pit bull a chance. While they are one of the best and most dutiful breeds out there, they are frequently misunderstood and taken advantage of for their strength and drive to please their owners. For this reason, owning a pit requires extra levels of responsibility and leadership to protect the dog and the reputation of the breed. 

To ensure a secure home base for him, we prefer Gabe be an only pet, though he wouldn't mind some fishy friends. However, when he's with his well trained human he can behave well wherever he is. 

If you want a truly wonderful dog and are ready to handle the responsibility of a dog, please submit an application for Gabe. He is around 1.5 to 2 and is neutered, micro chipped, and up to date on all of his shots. He is heartworm negative and is on preventative medicine to insure that he STAYS that way! Gabe is full of life and energy, and would love an active home where he can learn new things.