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This sweet bulldog mix was found limping into our company campus several weeks age. The employees cared for her to keep her close and were able to safely trap her moving her to short term foster care. She weights about 40 - 45 pounds. She is doing well and transitioning nicely to a dog that is not on the run anymore.  She has not been adopted yet.  Her short term foster parent is looking for longer term foster care and ideally the permanent home she deserves.

When we first trapped her she was scarred but in just over 48 hrs she transformed into a friendly, playful, affectionate dog.  She is young and strong and loves walks. On our walks, she meets dogs and children and is very appropriate, interested and curious. She has interacted with females, males, children, and another dog. Keep in mind we have only had her in foster care for a little over one week.  

We are hoping to have her vetting done in one week. She has had her first heart worm pill, a de-wormer, and flea and tick application. 

Attached are photos taken of her just four days after we trapped her.  Notice the perfect heart shape patch on her neck.