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Hello, I'm Sassy, and I am a little worried about telling you my story.  You see, the other dogs tell me that I have a lot of "stuff" that makes it hard for me to find a Forever Family, even though I try so hard to be a good girl.  I have been really afraid that when people hear what I have to say, they will say "oh, no WAY would we ever want a dog like her!".  But then My Very Best Human loves me so much, and will recite a list a mile long of all the things she loves about me, and I wonder if somebody else out there will read the very good things I have to say too.  At this point, I have nothing to lose, since I have been passed over and living at the rescue for four years now.  Yes, FOUR YEARS.  Let me tell you a little about how that happened, if you have a minute to spend with me.  I never get any visitors, so you taking the time to read my story would mean a lot.  And I am not exaggerating...when I say "never" I really do mean "never".  I am in the unfortunate club of dogs who seems to be invisible to the humans who come to look for a companion.  In fact, for as long as I have been here, I guess I am the President of that club, if truth be told.


The only facts the humans at the rescue know is that I was abandoned, and that I was about a year old when that happened.  Like I said, that is all they *know*, and I sure won't tell them all the details...humans just aren't as tough as dogs and they can't handle hearing all of the truth sometimes.  But over the years they have started to put some of the pieces of the puzzle together on their own...I've found that humans can be very smart that way.  They have determined that some pretty serious stuff must have happened during that first year of my life.  Mainly because I am the reigning champion in the World's Best Snuggler contest and absolutely go crazy over the chance to love on, and spent time with, women.  I am gentle and happy and tolerant and thoroughly enjoy any spare minutes they may have for me.  So, it is very unsettling for the women to see that I am absolutely not happy about spending ANY time with men, and will do my level best to keep as far away from them as possible.  I will admit that I have met a handful of nice men here at the rescue, and once they earn my trust, I would do anything in my power to spend some time snuggled up beside them.  But these guys had patience and were willing to give me time to come to them when I was ready.  The other thing about me that doesn't fit is how I feel about kids.  They scare the heck out of me.  Again, I go into total flight mode, and try and put as much distance between us as possible and warn them to stay away.  The humans told me that I should point out that I have never acted aggressively towards men or towards kids, but that it is obvious that I feel threatened by them, very threatened. 


As if that isn't enough to disclose, I also have to tell you that I don't do well with other animals, so I would have to live in a home where I was the only pet.  It would also have to be a home where the family would watch the Weather Channel on a regular basis, as I am TERRIFIED of storms.  At the rescue where I live, if the Weatherman says a storm might be coming, the humans will take me from my outside---and very secure---run, and put me in a big crate with lots of blankets.  They keep my crate somewhere that the sounds will be a bit muffled, and although I am still really scared, I feel safer in "my cave".  I love to be outside, but I love to be with people more, so I have also won The World's Best Escape Artist title year after year.  Only Ozark has come close to challenging my victory, but even The Mighty Wall Climbing Egg Hunt Ambassador can't outdo my antics.  So, I would need My Forever Home to understand that I can't just be left outside in a fenced in yard to enjoy the weather while they are at work.


Now I will add that in addition to being an award-winning snuggler, and very experienced crate-dweller, I am also incredibly skilled as a co-pilot and navigator on car trips.  So, should you want to head out of town for a long weekend, I am your girl.  I am also a very smart and loyal girl, so once I an bonded with you, I am there through thick and thin.  It would be important that My Human be knowledgeable about dogs and be willing to put in time with me, socializing me with friends and family, but understanding when to give me a break.  Perhaps working with a trainer may help.  In fact the rescue is willing to put my adoption fee towards training classes if My Human comes along. 


I know it is a long shot, and I know that most of the people out there will look at me like I am a lost cause.  But I am not a lost cause, I am a dog who got a really bum deal, but who makes the best of what she has.  Whose spirit endures and who greets every day with tail wags and wiggles, regardless of my circumstances.  I want very much to be Somebody's Dog and will give it my all...the only thing missing is that special person who is willing to give me the shot for which I have waited so long.  One special, knowledgeable, person.  Is that too much to ask?   I really hope it isn't. 


Waiting with fingers---well actually toes---crossed,



North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue insures that all the dogs are up to date on shots, micro-chipped, and spayed or neutered.  Everyone is also on heartworm preventative medicine to avoid unnecessary (and EASILY preventable) suffering.  If you are interested in adopting Sassy, or any of our other wonderful dogs, please visit our website at to fill out an application.  If you aren't ready to add to your family at this time, but would like to help the dogs, please visit our "ways you can help" page for more information on a variety of opportunities... from volunteering, to sponsoring, and everything in between.  Thanks for your interest and we (including Sassy!!) hope to see you soon!