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10-28-09 UPDATE    Jonesy has been living in a foster home for a month now and has done very well.

FROM HIS FOSTER MOM: Jonesy is an active dog who would do great with someone who likes to run or ride their bike. His foster has taught him to run beside her while she is on the bike. He gets so excited when he knows that he is going on a walk/run. He also loves chewing on his bone filled with treats inside!! Jonsey has never had an accident in his foster Mom's house and rarely chewed anything that he wasn't supposed to. He knows how and when to sit. After introducing them very slowly (after the first week or so), he gets along with her two dogs and 5 cats. Jonsey is also a very quick learner if you give him the right guidance. He also loves to chase the tennis ball and run around in his foster's fenced in yard with his two foster friends. Jonsey can be skiddish at first to certain things or loud noises but after he warms up to you and knows that you will love and protect him forever, he will be just great! Could you be Jonesy's forever home??

09-28-09 Amazing as it may seem, this is at least the third time a write up has been done for poor Jonesy. Why, you ask? Well, he was scooped up off the side of a highway when he was about 6 weeks old, and as you can tell by his recent photos, that was a LONG time ago. Jonesy is about 1.5 years old now. Throughout all that time, updates were definitely necessary.
Jonesy has spent just shy of his ENTIRE life with us, without any long term foster care, without any viable applications, and without any significant degree of traffic to come and visit him. How heartbreaking is that?
Well, Jonesy must be a bad dog, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong. Jonesy is a sweetie pie. You want to know one of the main reasons Jonesy has spent his whole life in a rescue facility? Because he isn’t “flashy” enough. Sadly, statistically speaking, plain black dogs, and even those with great white markings like our boy, do not have good adoption rates. It even has a name…Black Dog Syndrome. Seriously. We do not make this stuff up. Jonesy needs a human who is active and who has the time to spend with him. He catches on very quickly and really loves to learn. He just needs someone with the time and the desire to teach him. Jonesy has worked with several volunteers over all of his time with the rescue. He has learned basic obedience, which he is happy to demonstrate, once you give him some time to get his yahoo’s out. He loves to play, and if you get him out to run, he will be your best friend. Jonesy would probably do best in a home as an only pet, but with a knowledgeable handler and the right dog he could live with another dog.

As with all of the dogs at our rescue, Jonesy is up to date on shots, is on heartworm preventative, and has been neutered and micro chipped.