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Benny is a lucky boy who was a stray sprung from Animal Control and is now being fostered in Black Mountain. He's a young guy, maybe around a year old, with plenty of energy, but he's very good about laying down and relaxing in the evenings. He adores other dogs and would love to have a brother or sister to live (and wrestle) with. Not sure about cats--he has growled and barked at ours a few times, but other times he has ignored her. He is smart (learned "sit" in about 3 minutes) and attentive, and will likely be very easy to train. He is completely housebroken and is getting used to the crate. Benny is a very happy boy and loves to be loved--he'll sit next to you (or half in your lap) and just lean into you. He is medium sized, about 40 pounds, and probably won't get much bigger, although he may gain some more weight as he bulks up a bit. With a little practice he will be great on leash. He takes treats very gently, rides well in the car, handles nail trimming like a pro, and will stand still for a bath. He never makes a peep except when he's outside and hears the dogs up the mountain start howling. Benny is a perfect little guy! He did test positive for heartworms, but it was VERY MILD so he is being treated with monthly Heartguard and the vet expects that should take care of it. He has not been neutered due to the heartworms but will be soon. Has had all vaccines and adoption fee includes microchip and chip registration. If you are looking for a fun, happy dog with an excellent, even temperament, Benny's your boy! His foster mom says "he is a dream dog and someone will be so lucky to have him."