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12-01-09 has had all vaccines, neutered and microchipped. 10-03-09
Sergeant is a six week old pup who was rescued from a backyard where his mom is tied up on a chain. She took excellent care of her litter but had very little help. There were lots of pups and we aren't sure of the mixes.
They were all so covered with fleas that a few of them were very sick from a loss of blood. Sergeant is the most outgoing and brave of the bunch. He was the first out of thirteen dogs on the property to come running up and greet me. I call him my little Sergeant because he is always a half a step beside me everywhere I go to back me up and be by my side! Soooo adorable. Dont miss your chance to take home this exceptionally sweet and smart little guy, he has a ton of potential! Needs a home that's active and prepared to train a smart pup.