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Poor RJ.  He lived the pampered, indoor life with his family from the time he was a little puppy...until now.  Due to restrictions at US military bases, his family has been torn apart.  His brother, a sweet and gentle Rottie, is “banned” due to ignorant views of his breed, and was placed with NMAR.  RJ is not allowed on base due to size and weight restrictions, and a limit of 2 dogs per household.  So, in addition to the stresses of serving our country, his family was forced to seek help in finding loving homes for two of their members.

RJ is a wonderful dog, whose heart is broken.  He is miserable at the rescue facility and spends a great deal of time moaning and wailing in his loneliness.  RJ is 5 years old and has never been away from his family before.

RJ has been neutered by NMAR, is up to date on all shots, is heartworm negative, and is on heartworm prevention.  He has a microchip.  RJ likes other dogs and is good with kids.  You see, he used to have his own kids, before his family was taken away from him.

It is critical that RJ find a home soon.  Living in the facility, without humans of his own, is tearing him apart.  Please consider adopting RJ.  If you can't adopt, perhaps you can foster?   This poor boy does not understand what has happened to his family, to his life, to his security.  He has done nothing wrong, yet he sits in a pen, lonely and confused.  The volunteers at NMAR have done their best to help him adjust, but they are not what he needs.  He needs a home.  He needs humans of his own again.  Humans that can help him handle his grief of losing the only family he has ever known.

His adoption fee is $115.00.