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Every once in awhile, the dogs we save end up having physical conditions or personality traits that dictate that they be treated just a bit differently than The Average Joe Off Of The Street. They are still 100% deserving of our love, as well as of a shot at a Forever Home of their very own. Sometimes all they need is a human who works from home and will be around them most all of the time. Sometimes it is as simple as a daily pill to keep them healthy. Sometimes it could be a human who is willing to go the extra mile and find out how to train a deaf dog or blind dog. And sometimes, it could be that a human with extra patience is who is willing to take the time to earn the dog's trust...and who will not take it personally when their dog cowers at the slightest movement for the first 3 months of their relationship.

Please consider giving these guys a chance to experience all that the world has to offer. All rescue dogs are grateful to have been saved and can make a most wonderful companion. But there is something special about going that extra mile, and investing yourself in a dog that the world has given up on...the dogs many call "a lost cause". Many people advocate putting dogs like this to sleep. We know better...we know that they are worth a chance and can give back one-hundred-fold what their owner gives to them. Thank you for considering these special souls.