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Trinity is a four year old Treeing Walker Coonhound.  She wandered onto the property of her foster home after a horrible thunderstorm with a black puppy - presumably hers.  Her foster mom thinks that her previous owners dumped her and her puppy along the power lines behind their property when they didn't want her any longer.  She was completely covered in fleas and ticks, was very thin, heartworm positive and had a bad hernia.  Since being found, she has been spayed, is up to date on shots, has had her hernia repaired and is now heart worm negative and on heartworm preventative.  Trinity, as most hounds are, is a very loyal dog, loves people (especially children) and thrives on attention.  Her tail wags non-stop when she sees kids.  She is not terribly energetic for this breed, she does play with her puppy and gets the zoomies now and again, but for the most part, she loves to curl up on her favorite chair to snooze.  She doesn't need a ton of exercise and loves to go for leisurely walks with her foster mom.  She's good on leash and knows sit/down and comes when called.  She will require a fenced in yard as hounds are bred to hunt and will wander off to chase a scent and not realize where they are going.  Although hounds do have a loud bark, she very rarely barks when in the house and the only time she barks outside is if one of the other dogs steps on her or if she sees a cat or squirrel running outside.  She currently lives with a cat and does ok with her now, but was very interested in her when she first came, so she would need training and lots of reinforcement to live with a cat at her forever home.  Trinity would make a wonderful and loving companion for almost anyone.