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10-29-09 This young man is sooooo handsome. He wandered into the yard of a rescuer making him quite lucky as well. After a search, no owners were found. He's had all vaccines and will be neutered and microchipped soon.


He is less than a year old. Very, very Puppy-ish in his play and antics. He is about 65lbs, though!

He LOVES to play with toys (balls, tugs, YARN! haha) He goes in his kennel with some bribing and help but once in there is quiet. He WILL let you know when he needs to go out. He has been good in my dance studio where I have him housed right now (it is an outbuilding that is insulated/heated/cooled) He hasn't offered to potty in there when I have him out playing and socializing.

I do not know how he is with cats. He listens VERY well. I imagine with a little training he would be fine with cats. He shows great interest in squirrels but has left the chickens (i have free range chickens) alone.

He gets along with ALL of my dogs, including my very snarky beagle mix.

He is truly a great dog. With a little training, he will be awesome. I have used a pinch collar on him because he is strong, and a hound (searching for a scent!) and he has been perfect.

 He has really nice confirmation. OH YEAH! HE SMILES!! Please dont let that scare any of his potential adopters!! He will lower his head and show you all of his is a very submissive gesture, and he means no harm in it whatsoever.

If you talk to him, he smiles, too