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Most of you probably want to help out, but you may not know of a good way to do that, this page has several ways that you can help us.
  • Volunteer

VOLUNTEERING AT THE FACILITY:  It's easiest for the team to really use
you to your fullest potential if you have the time to make some sort of
commitment, even if it is "2 hours every Monday"---but let us know
what you're thinking availability-wise and we'll see what we can do!  The
dogs would love to see you!   There is a lot of orientation that needs
to happen, as far as how the rescue runs things, and in order for the
volunteers to be up to speed and help us spot any problems, it's easier
for them to absorb it all when they are here somewhat regularly.  Here
are some things that need to happen at the facility (obviously the
tasks range in amount of skill/experience required):
Dog Training
Dog Walking
Puppy Playtime (handling young puppies or shy dogs to get them used to
human contact)
Dog Bathing
Dog Grooming and Brushing
Cleaning of Dog Pens and Supplies
Property Cleanup and Maintenance (to keep the property safe for our
dogs and our visitors)
Construction Tasks (new runs for the dogs, new play areas, new
shelters, new fencing, etc)

1-We really enjoy taking the adult dogs out to community events and
festivals to get them in the public eye, but we are really short on the
number of experienced "dog people" who can safely handle dogs in
unfamiliar settings and crowds, and still have time to chat with the public!
  There are lots of great community events that we just don't have enough
humans to attend!
2-We also take part in Adoption Days at area stores at times, and need
help to staff this....sitting with a playpen full of puppies, answering
questions to interested parties, handing out business cards, etc.
3-Passing out/posting flyers for the rescue and events in which we may
be involved.

  •  Specialty Areas

SPECIALTY AREAS:  If you happen to be be skilled in/have a background
in these areas, you may not even have to get close to the dogs and end
up doing them a HUGE service! ; )

Graphic Design-come up with some designs for NMAR shirts for humans and
dogs to wear at community events and increase public awareness; could
sell these shirts as a fundraiser
Fundraising and Marketing---plan and organize a community even that
will benefit NMAR
Management Skills---how about creating and managing a volunteer army??
Media Connections---to increase public awareness

  • Adopt or Foster a dog

Fostering a Dog In Your Home: If you are not able to take in a
permanent family member, but have room for a pup in need, we would love to add
you to our foster home list.  The more dogs that can live in a home
environment with constant socialization, the better.  This can make all
the difference to a timid dog who may not get adopted otherwise.  Some of
our injured or sick dogs do better in a home environment as well, as
do new mamas that came to us pregnant or with a brand new litter in tow.
  NMAR provides all the supplies a foster family would need, and covers
all the expenses these dogs incur while they "vacation" at your home.

  • Supplies

Donating Supplies: We can always use "doggie necessities" (including
the "gently used" variety), like:
Dog Crates
Dog Beds
Dog Treats

  • Financial Support

Financial Support:  Unfortunately, it is expensive to care for all of
these wonderful dogs, and paying the bills is challenging on a daily
basis.  Thankfully, we work with wonderful vets who help us when they can,
but even their generous rates add up, as many of our dogs come to us
very sick or severely injured.  We are also so thankful to have the
support of a low-cost spay and neuter clinic, but again, 95% of our dogs
come to us needing these surgeries to prevent MORE "unwanted" dogs.  As
much as we hate to bring it up, financial support is always unbelievably
appreciated, as we are run by volunteers, and founders who work
full-time jobs away from the rescue to have money to pay for the facility and
care for the dogs.  There are no salaried employees and the rescue is
run completely by the donations of the public and the (massive)
donations of the founders.  Any donations to NMAR are 100% tax deductible.
  You could give a one time, general donation to the rescue, or if you
would like to designate what you want the money to go towards (training for
a favorite dog at our facility or money for an injured dogs vet
bills), we will absolutely honor that request.

The humans and the dogs thank you for your interest in, and support of,
NMAR....we hope to see you or hear from you soon! 

Click here to go to our Volunteer Application