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Beautiful Blue (named for his 1 blue eye) will be 4 this December. He has spent most of his life w/ NMAR. A loving foster family found his mother, Lulu while she was hugely pregnant and fostered her and her litter until they were 8 wks old. At that time all of them came to NMAR except Blue. Being the most handsome of the litter the foster family decided to keep him. They had him until he was 6 months old and a career change caused the family to move to another country. Taking Blue with them would have required a long quarantine time in a small pen where they couldn't visit him. Sadly he lost his first family.

Then... he was adopted by a very nice lady. However having never seen cats until then he chased her cat and she also returned him. By now he was 9 months old and way past the "adoptable" age for pit bulls.

His story gets sadder... as a youngster he was plagued with some intestinal issues that brought him to death's door several times. He was hospitalized 3 different times and came away from the experience a changed dog. He had become afraid of going places and new people. Not wanting to send a dog with health problems into a home we took him off our adoption page for several years. He is on a low residue diet and hasn't had any health problems in over 2 yrs. He is back up for adoption, however 4 yr old pit bull has very little chance of leaving the rescue.

In the last year he has started coming out of his shell more and is happily greeting new people he meets. He lives with Maggie (his best buddy) at Beth's house in a large outdoor pen. They go inside once or twice a week for "sleepovers". If you can sponsor Blue, please write Beth at


Blue is on heartworm preventative, glucosomine and has to eat a low residue, special prescription food for his stomach. He gets flea preventative in the summer months and as needed.