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06-10-09 UPDATE

Bri has been in a home for about 1 month now. She's done great with house training, learning manners etc... Sadly she and the senior dog in the house aren't getting along so she is back up for adoption.

05-04-09 Bebe and her sisters came from a home where the momma lab was unspayed and was allowed to have an oopsie.... These girls all seem to stay true to their lab roots and love water.  Brie (the smallest yellow one) chases the spray from the hose relentlessly. They are 10 or 12 weeks old, have had 1st shots, bordatella, wormed and heartworm preventative as well as a flea preventative. This bunch is loving but wild. You should probably watch the movie about Marley before applying!!!! If you adopt you should be ready to give your pup A LOT of attention AND exercise BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY WILL HAVE TO HAVE TO KEEP THEM OUT OF TROUBLE!!