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Have you ever wondered where or when your next meal would come? Macy has.  Have you ever wondered when someone was going to take the time to care for you? Macy has. Have you ever wandered the streets terrified, almost hit by cars just to search for someone to love you and for you to give love to? Macy has.


  Macy is a 2/3 year old female pit bull. She was found by good Samaritans laying by the side of the road with a shredded leash attached to her. She was filthy, starving, and very weak. The vet checked her out and amazingly gave her a clean bill of health aside from being emaciated.. Her ribs as well as her shoulder and hip bones protrude out due to lack of food. Despite all of this she is an extremely friendly dog. She is nervous at first, but warms up quite quickly. She seems to like other dogs. We are unsure about cats.


  If you can give Macy the love and care that she truly deserves you will be rewarded with a wonderful land loyal companion. Put in an application and help Macy stop wondering when she is going to be loved. She is utd on shots, heartworm negative and will be spayed as soon as she puts on enough weight