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From Daisy’s Foster Mom:

I am currently fostering Daisy for the North Mecklenberg Animal Rescue. She is a large mixed breed dog with a shiny coat and a wonderful loving heart. Although I would love to adopt Daisy myself, my own work/travel issues would make that difficult (although I would love to possibly provide free pet sitting or some doggie daycare for her when she finds her permanent home!).
Daisy came to my home a few months ago and was so easy to take in…she is fully housebroken, doesn’t chew or destroy things at all, sheds very little, and is so sweet and cuddly (I think she believes she is a lap dog!). Her only “issue” is that she does not like to be crated or locked up in a room by herself, although that has not been much of an issue at my house, because she is so problem free that I just let her roam freely in the house. I have left her alone for relatively long stints without one single problem or anything being messed up or destroyed, no accidents, no difficulties.
Daisy was great from the beginning, although a little nervous at times; however, since being here, I have watched her calm and blossom into an even better dog. She was once a little skiddish, but is now eager to meet new people and just an all around “happy” dog. A little love and attention was all that was needed to turn her into an ideal dog. If you are looking to adopt a larger breed dog, I do not think you could possibly do better than Daisy!
I think the ideal situation for Daisy would be an active home where she gets the opportunity to walk a lot , run if possible....or any other active situations …she has a lot of energy and loves to get it out. I have had her around young children with no problems (although several roudy young children at once might get her a little jumpy…so the temperament of the children should be a consideration). A fenced yard or lots of walks would be great, (although she probably would not like to just be put outside alone…she’s a companion dog that wants to be with people). NOTES: Daisy is up to date on shots, heartworm negative and on preventative medicine so she stays that way. She has been spayed (twice actually…long story…poor Daisy!). Daisy is full grown at approximately 2-3 years of age, and weighs about 60-70 pounds. She is in excellent shape. and has a beautiful shiny coat with very short hair and little shedding.

Daisy does fine with other dogs as long as they are nice. She has been around multiple other dogs throughout her stay at NMAR and has done well.