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4-17-09 UPDATE!!!!!!!! Lobo's adoption is official! He has a fantastic home and is loving life! Thank you to all of you for making this possible! Pictures coming soon of Lobo in his new crib! I cannot express how incredible it feels to know that we all helped him escape a life of pain and euthanasia to living the good life now! Thank you Thank you Thank you from Little Lobo. Pictures are promised soon!!!!

4-7-09  UPDATE :  Lobo is going to a home this Thursday!!  Yeah Lobo!!  

4-5-09  UPDATE:  Lobo did very well at the Cancer Walk. He walked between 2 well mannered pitbulls!!  Get your application in to adopt Lobo!

4-2-09  UPDATE  Look for Lobo at the Dog Walk for Cancer at MetroPaws this Saturday!  He will be looking for you!!

4/1/09  UPDATE:

Lobo is doing well! Getting to attached to Kayla, but I have been baby sitting him while she is busy and he is doing well with me also.  He does fantastic with my large dogs. I just have to be careful they dont play with him like they do the rough and tumble puppies!  The perfect little lap dog!    Terry

Little Lobo is now fully recovered and ready for adoption!!!! Please submit your applications now!  I am sure he will be in high demand but we will be choosing the home that is the best fit for him!  All applications considered!


We want to extend a most sincere Thank You to all of you for helping us reach and exceed Lobo's goal so quickly!  You are all truly amazing!

March 11

Lobo had his surgery yesterday!  He was under for about two hours and twenty three teeth were removed!  WOW!  He only has seven teeth left.  He had a lot of gum loss and some bone loss but the vet does not think he will need anymore dental work after this operation.  He is pretty pitiful right now and in pain obviously but he is handling it very well!  He slept all day and night yesterday and has been eating well today.  We have every hope for a full and happy recovery!  Thank you again for all of you that made his surgery possible.  In just a few weeks Lobo is going to be living a pain free life!  How great is that!??!  He has such a wonderful spirit that you forget that he ever lived a life that was less than perfect.  I will have pictures on shortly but I felt bad taking pictures of him while he was in such pain.  He will be returning to his foster home tomorrow afternoon where he will be for at least two weeks or more until his mouth is fully healed.  I will keep you updated tomorrow on his progress! 

March 7

I will be going up to see Lobo in his foster home tomorrow and to bring him back for his surgery on Tuesday!!!  We are very excited for him and hopeful that he will not have extremely extensive damage like bone loss.  Keep your fingers crossed for him!  I am told his skin is looking much better and he is beginning to feel a little better and sleep less.  He was sleeping like 20 hours a day!  Depression and pain can cause that so we are hopeful that his increase in energy is due to a decrease in pain and depression!  I will get some more pictures of him for you all when I see him and I have included some pictures of his first car ride to the vet from last week!  He is a fantastic co pilot! 








March 2, 2009

Little Lobo is doing wonderfully at his foster home! He is thoroughly enjoying life on the couch and hanging out with his foster brother, a long haired chihuahua named Elmo.  He has discovered what cats are and is very polite with the cat in his foster home.  He is doing extremely well with all dogs including his other foster brother, a 110 lb german shepherd named Samson.  He has been on antibiotics for almost a week now and his swelling has decreased tremendously!  He is feeling much better and is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday March 10th!  He is doing very well with housebreaking and has done well learning not to lift his leg in the house.  He is very polite, has a good appetite, and crates well at night.  We are so happy that we are giving this little guy a second chance and we cannot thank you all enough for making it possible!

Little Lobo was pulled from an animal control facility where he was on the euthanasia list.  I know you are wondering why in the world he could not go on the adoption floor!  Little Lobo is probably an escapee from a puppy mill or got loose from a hoarding situation.  His teeth are in such bad shape that he cannot eat anything solid.  He is so hungry that he attempts to eat solid food but ends up swallowing it whole because the pain is too much.  He has tail wags for everyone he meets, loves to take car rides, and as you can see from some of the pictures, sat patiently while I trimmed out almost four ounces of knotted mats from his fur.  I don't know if you know anything about mats but they are extremely painful and this little guy sat so sweet and patient for me as I pulled and poked and prodded and trimmed his little matted mess.  I almost started crying while I was trimming him because no matter how bad it hurt he just wanted to cuddle.  Who could do this to this little guy???  His entire life has probably consisted of a one foot by one foot kennel and at about five years old we feel like he more than deserves a second chance at life.  I am actually crying as I am typing this.  Please consider donating to Lobo's fund.  His teeth operations are going to be costly and we are committed to helping him but we need your help!  Even if you can only contribute five or ten dollars, every little bit adds up!  Please help this wonderful little survivor.  He loves everything and everybody, including cats and children.  Please let Little Lobo know that you care.  Make sure your donation says for Lobo's fund and we will send out regular updates for you on his own personal mailing list!  Thank you so much for your generosity, it means more to us and to Lobo than you can ever imagine!