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06-08-09 UPDATE

Cosmos has been living in a wonderful foster home for several months now. We've learned alot about this loving and funny boy. He had difficulty with house training, but seems to have it down pat now (or at least pretty close). He seems to love all people, is fine with cats and likes other dogs as well. If you're looking for a brisk walk, Cosmos is NOT your man. He loves to stroll along with his nose to the ground, occasionally baying at something only his super nost can smell. He is a quiet boy indoors though. We also found he was allergic to some foods and have switched him to a fish and sweet potato food. He's flourished on this and looks better than ever. He's a handsome loving boy and it's time he got a home of his very own.

02-16-09 Though he doesn't look like it right now, Cosmo is a lucky boy!! Some good samaritans saw him on the side of the road 2 weeks ago during our bad cold spell. He was so starved and hungry he could hardly stand, but still wagged and made his wobbly way to them. They knew enough to feed him small meals, a little at a time until he regained his strength. They then found us and brought him to us to find him a better life!!! He is 2-3 years old and other than being skinny and having fly scarred ears he seems to be in good health. Heartworm negative, up to date on shots and he will be neutered as soon as he puts some weight on. He's a little guy. Less than 20 lbs right now, but should probably weigh 30 or so. Super, crazy sweet. Likes other dogs and cats. If you can give him a chance at a new life or foster him in a warm loving environment while he looks for his forever home please let us know.