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Photos by Doc Brunk


05-20-09 It Looks like Alli's surgery was a success. She has been recouperating, learning manners, playing and getting into all kinds of happy  mischief in a wonderful foster home. She is now ready to move to a home of her own. She plays and acts like a normal puppy. She will need to have her kidney functions checked once or twice a year for her life, but otherwise she needs no special treatment.Another Girl Who Can't Catch A Break That would be our girl Skyla. She was brought to us as a Wee Little Thing, along with her sisters, after all of them were thrown from a moving car.  A long-time volunteer witnessed this sociopath behavior, and thankfully scooped up the girls and brought them to us.  The too-young litter were traumatized, terrified of people and the world in general.  Skyla's sisters came around relatively quickly, but this little girl remained almost catatonic for a long time.  One day, a switch must have flipped, and she decided she was totally on board with The Loving Of The HumansEver since then, we can't get her to quit licking and loving and snuggling!
Fast forward, and Skyla is adopted by a super family, taking the big leap into First Time Dog Ownership.  They took wonderful care of her, and when they noticed she was really struggling with house-training, they got her in to see the vet immediately.  It turns out that our little survivor has yet another mountain to climb. The vets diagnosed her with something called an ectopic ureter, a condition that can only be cured with surgical intervention.  It is probably a birth defect, but could have also occurred when she was tragically tossed from a moving vehicle. Add the fact that it isn't something done routinely by vets, it is a specialty procedure.  The original estimates given to the family were $4,000-$5,000, without a guaranteed resolution of the problem.   This family was not in any position to afford this, and contacted us to let us know the situation. Skyla came back to us at NMAR, leaving a wonderful, heart-broken family behind. We are not ready to give up on this little fighter yet, and have searched far and wide for options to find an affordable way to help her.  The vet school and hospital at The University of Georgia is doing a procedure with lasers, that has a MUCH higher success rate, and they gave us an estimate of about $2,500.  Unfortunately, that is $2,500 that we do not have due to limited donations with this bad economy, the expenses of rebuilding and relocating after the flood, and the daily expenses of caring for our dogs until they get adopted.  We have volunteers looking into any grant money we can apply for, both through UGA and through private organizations.  UPDATE Skyla got her surgery! Her left kidney had to be removed as well. Cost was $1800 due to UGA giving us a break on a few things. We are paying payments till the bill is paid.  She is doing well and has had her staples removed.