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Hi, my name is Dodger, and I came by it honestly. You see, one of the volunteers here at the rescue had to pull over in her car and save me. I was "dodging" traffic on a very busy road, no one was stopping, and I was scared out of my mind. I'll tell you what, I sure was glad to see her!!!!!

Since I came out of nowhere, the only history I have is the one that I am creating here at the rescue. So, as far as I am concerned, I am a sweet boy, and a lover of all things that show me love. I may take a moment to warm up to a new person...but once I warm up, I am all about the love and the fun. The humans here guess that there must be some sad stuff in my pasts, but since I am "re-inventing myself" here, I won't tell them the stories. I am also a huge fan of other dogs....I mean seriously, how can you not just get along with all these friends here?

I've been to the vet, and it got a little sad there. You see, I am heartworm positive, but thankfully, it is a pretty mid case. It was caught relatively early, and I am being treated. This could have been prevented if whoever "took care of me" had me on heartworm preventative medicine, but you know how humans can be. Other than that, I am in good shape, about 2 years old, and up to date on all my medical "stuff". It would be easier for me to undergo my heartworm treatments in a foster home, rather than out here at the rescue, so if you think you might want to invite me over until I get adopted, that could work too.

Alright, I'm off to find my friends. Be careful out there, and keep your eyes out for cars!

Happy to be safe,


North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue insures that all the dogs are up to date on shots, micro-chipped, and spayed or neutered. Dodger's treatment for his positive heartworm diagnosis will be covered by NMAR, and can then be maintained via monthly heartworm preventative medicine---just like any other dog. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Dodger, or any of our other wonderful dogs, please visit our website at to fill out an application. If you aren't ready to add to your family at this time, but would like to help the dogs, please visit our "ways you can help" page for more information on a variety of opportunities... from volunteering, to sponsoring, and everything in between. Thanks for your interest and we (including Dodger!!) hope to see you soon!