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Click to see the video of Gunny's Party!

The Charlotte Observer Tuesday June 24th!

Click here to see his video online at

6-25-08: A big thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to The Wine Vault for Gunny's Meet and Greet last night! There was a great turnout, and I heard from Beth that NMAR raised a bunch more money for Gunny's vet bills. Fantastic! It was really nice to meet some of you who have been following Gunny's story. People came from all over, some just because they had seen the article in The Charlotte Observer.

Gunny loved all of the attention, and did a fantastic job around all of the humans and dogs. He was actually over-tired when we got home around 11pm. A bit like a kid who is long past due for a nap, but who continues to run around like a whirling dervish. When he finally slowed down for a second, he realized he was pooped, and went to bed around midnight. Oscar woke me up at 7AM to head outside----when he and I walked into the living room, Gunny halfway slid off of the couch to follow us---he was so tired his eyes were just barely open the teeniest bit. I told him "It's OK, if you don't have to go out, just go back to bed" and dang if he didn't climb right back on the couch and pass out! I came back out about an hour later to take him on a walk, and when we got back home, he ate his breakfast and went right to sleep in his crate!

There was a brief clip on Channel 6 news at 11pm, and apparently they repeated it a few times this morning. The man who filmed for them told me he was going to try to "pitch" the story to some people at the station and see if they wanted to do a bigger piece on Gunny. Said he'd call if they went for the idea. Maybe you guys should email Channel 6 and tell them you want a bigger story on Gunny---maybe then they'd do it? I tried to find the story on their website but had no luck.

There's also another video on the Observer's website. Knowing Terry and her advanced computer skills, I bet she'll have links up for you guys soon, if she doesn't already!

6-23-08: The reporter from The Charlotte Observer called today. Everyone look for Gunny's story in tomorrow's paper! They are still deciding which section...if it is in the "Local" section, it will be in everyone's paper. If it is in the "Neighborhood" section, some of you might miss it. However, she did say that it will be online tomorrow as well. Sounds like they hope to have different pictures and a video clip to accompany the online story. So, even if you see it in your morning paper, still go to The Observer's website and check it out there too!

Hey Gunny Fans-

We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, June 24th, at 7pm, we will be having a Meet and Greet for Gunny at The Wine Vault, which is up in the UNC-C area. It's right across from University hospital and in the Hilton hotel complex by the "lake". For Mapquest purposes, the addy is:

9009-1 J.M. Keynes Drive

Charlotte, NC 28262

We'd love for you guys to come meet him, and there are tons of good restaurants right there as well in case you want to prolong your evening outing! Looks like a local bakery will be donating a sheet cake for us in Gunny's honor. As much as we'd love to be able to provide all the "beverages" for people, you'd be on your own for that, as running a rescue equals having NO money! But it would be a great chance to come socialize in a really nice outdoor setting and catch up with your friends. The Wine Vault is allowing us to use their side patio and has been so supportive of this event. So, that's the "fun new development". Please come if you're in town, and bring your friends!

But one more thing. Although the Wine Vault area is a GREAT place to grab a glass and hang out with your dogs (and your friends!), we are asking that people do NOT bring their family dogs to Gunny's event. As much as we'd love to meet them, poor Gunny is going to be challenged enough being out at such a public event. Since you all know his history, I am sure you understand that unfamiliar dogs are not a fun thing for him....and since this event is all about him, we want to do everything we can to allow him to enjoy himself. Thanks for understanding!