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Carson has gone to bed and I was able to sneak down to the computer. I like Carson's room. Maybe because she's there. It's in what used to be  the attic. Again what is with all the stairs.
These people walk a lot. I got to see some of the yard, its like most yards, its ok. Will have to check out more tomorrow. I did get to go for a second walk in. We went through the park. Scary place,  no street lights. I guess they thought with me between them they were safe. We did get to see a racoon climb a tree. No big deal we just watched it until it got in the big tree and looked back at us.

Oh, Oh , I got to watch TV. Real cool. Had no Idea what I was watching but my family stayed fixed on it. I dosed off, every once in awhile I lift an eye to check to if the little white dog was on.

They tried to take me out in the back yard. I was really more comfortable in Carson's lap on the sofa. I don't why they would think I would like the floor when there is a sofa option. Carson was push over. All I had to do was put my head on the sofa, then a paw  then the next paw before you know it. I had staked out my place. There was some discussion about it. Persistence pays off.

Oh I learned a new trick. They have this special hole in the big door. It has this flapper on it. Don lifted it and I walked through, cool and calm like I do it every day. Ok, maybe I had to be coached a little. I not sure why they need it though.

Well its bed time, back up to Carson's room . Climbing the stair one more time. Not sure about them so I just took it slow and easy.
Good night. This family may work for me.

Thanks for all your love, it has given me a good foundation.

Keene    March 2, 2008 evening
Hey guys, just wanted you to know about my first day with my new humans.
As you know, I got into the car by myself and you all waved me goodbye. The drive to my new home seemed to take forever, but my sister Carson was with me and petted me the whole way. When we got home, I didn't want to get out of the car. My new daddy said not to rush me, but after a while he had to "help" me get on the ground.
Being in the house is fine. When I first got here, I followed Carson everywhere she went. That way, I got to see all the rooms. When she left for a meeting, I got to know my new mother a little bit. She showed me what belly rubs are and I really, really like them. You know how hard it is to stay clean at the rescue, and I'm dirty right now. My new mom says it's too soon for a bath, but she has brushed me and I fell asleep with her doing that. She also wiped me down with a damp paper towel, and that was ok.
The only thing that seems to worry my new family is that I'm not ready to eat anything yet. They've given me a bone and some of my food, but I'm not ready. I drank a few sips of water, but I haven't gone to the bathroom yet. They are taking me outside every couple of hours, but my new mom says if I have an accident it won't be a big deal. I did eat a little piece of raw steak and my new dad says he's going to give me some better choices if I keep having a hard time eating.
I do feel comfortable sleeping at everyone's feet and I like the rugs. I don't understand the stairs that go up and down, so I'll wait until I go to those floors. I've been petted a lot and I like my family enough that I stay real close to them. I think they may work out, but it will take a little while until I can get them trained.
Sweet dreams. I'll write again soon.              -Keene  March 2, 2008