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Chance is a wonderful 2 year old boy with whom everyone experiences love at first snuggle.  He likes to sit on your lap, lay beside you on the couch, and be a general Love Bug.  Unfortunately, Chance had to enter the Foster System when his owners agreed that they were not what he needed to be happy and healthy.  He came from a home with limited money, and limited awareness of responsible pet ownership.  Despite some good effort to change their pet-owning ways, this little man ended up getting hurt by another of the owner's dogs, as well as with a significant case of Heartworms.  At this point, a good friend of NMAR stepped in and assumed care of Chance herself, taking on the cost of curing his heartworms as well as juggling the two months of confinement required surrounding his heartworm treatment

Chance's wounds from the other dog are healing nicely, and he has completed all 3 of his injections for the heartworm infestation.  The vets expect him to be as good as new in no time, and able to experience an active, happy life.   He is tolerating “the quiet life” easily, and has been a model patient.  He crates without any problem and is now house trained.  Chance lives with a male Mastiff who dwarfs him, and 6 cats—-some of whom tolerate him, some of whom are petitioning for all dogs to be shipped off to Siberia.  He has been around large groups of dogs (on leash) and takes it all in stride.  He appears  tolerant of cats, but if they take off running he gets excited.   His foster mom will be doing more work with him meeting more strange dogs and having more close contact with the cats as he recovers from the heartworm treatment and is released from the activity restrictions.  At this point, we need more information as 1) he isn't at full strength and 2)he has been crated for over a month so is getting a little over excited when he is out.  Chance appears to be a couch potato at heart, but we will see if that changes once he is back to 100% health.  At this time, he has a very mellow personality but will get up and GO if you like to do active things..

Before signing Chance over for a chance at a better life, Chance's owners were working with him in community classes with the goal of taking the Canine Good Citizen exam.  Chance was a shining star in classes, and we expect he will pass without a problem, should you decide to pursue this with him.  He knows basic obedience and is a very smart boy who catches on extremely quickly.  He is also very athletic, and before he was diagnosed with heartworms, he dabbled in agility and did very well.  In his first home, Chance did encounter children of various ages on a somewhat regular basis, and never had any problems.  His foster mom will be gathering further information on that in order to present the most complete picture, but at this time, there are no indicators that he would have any difficulty living with children.

Due to his medical situation, Chance could stand to gain a few pounds, but we feel he should be about 50-55 pounds at the most.  He is up to date on all of his shots and he is neutered.  Chance will require confinement/limited activity for the next month.  Depending on the experience level of the potential adopter, their schedule and home environment, we will consider adopting Chance out prior to the end of his “restricted activity” phase.  So, if you think Chance might be the dog for you, feel free to send in your application now.


4-17-10:  Chance is doing REALLY well!  He is done with his heartworm treatments and will be going to the vet this week before being allowed "free rein" and the end of crate time/calm time.  The good news is, he is a very good "self regulator" and he will give himself a time out to calm down and catch his breath if he gets a little winded.  Chance lives in total harmony with his 120 pound Bull Mastiff foster brother, and was babysat over Easter by family who have a large Lab---they adored each other.  Tonight, he had a playdate with NMAR's own little Hope and they are now madly in love.  They hit it off immediately, even though Hope can be nervous of new dogs at times.   
Chance is living with six cats, who are varying degrees of dog-lovers, and he doesn't really take any notice of them.  When they run from him, he does get excited, but keep in mind this guy is on very limited activity despite feeling better and better.  We'll know more when he is off restrictions and gets his energy expended regularly, but looks like living with cats is a definite possibility for this sweet boy.
Chance has only had 1 accident in the house the entire time he has been in foster care.  He crates like a champ and is learning to walk well on a leash.  Again, that extra energy from being crated makes it hard to expect a 2 year old to be mellow on a walk!  He also knows a great deal of obedience and is just pretty much a fantastic dog! 

4-30-10:  Chance was give a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH by the vet this week!!  Heartworms are gone, he tolerated treatment without any complications, and on he goes to a happy, healthy, normal life....just need to find him a Forever Home to enjoy life in.